Saturday, May 7, 2011

The World of Franz Kline

We always enjoy participating in LCDQ's Legends of La Cienega installations. This year's theme is "Celebrate Art". One of our favorite artists is Franz Kline, of which we selected as our inspiration for Szalon's window.

Franz Kline's dynamic artworks were figurative, social realism with cubist overtones. During the 1950’s, Kline developed his unique vocabulary of gestural brushstrokes and became associated with the Abstract Expressionist movement.
They very expressive, evoking the urban landscapes of New York and Pennsylvania. Kline used ordinary household paint and large housepainters’ brushes to quickly apply paint to canvases tacked directly to the wall. The black brushstrokes go beyond the edges of the canvas creating an energy and dynamism, while also giving the effect of presenting a detail or huge fragment of an even more monumental image. In the late 1950’s, Kline introduced color into the paintings, but he died before it became a major part of the work.Art and poetry from MOMA exhibit.
Here is a sneak peek into the Franz Kline installation as we put the window together!These red doors were salvaged from a beautiful Hollywood style Estate in Hombly Hills from the 1940's. The hardware and knobs are stunning. A must see in person.Come to Szalon and see the unveiling!
Hope to see you "on the street" for LCDQ

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