Monday, March 14, 2011

Design is a work in progress

Many people, including myself, swoon over a delightfully finished project via magazines, books and blogs. Such instant bliss and gratification! But there is much effort in getting from point A to B in the professional interior design world. Did you know most projects take up to a year in preparation before being unveiled? The design process is one of my favorite parts of a project. From the planning, the inspiration & the sourcing to the sketching & the drawing.

Ron and me creating a design concept.
Many ideas are reviewed, edited, tossed, cataloged and developed. Design is not arbitrary or random.

A huge part of the project is the visual inspiration. Creating insatiable project Mood/Inspiration Boards is key for a road map and documenting a vision.Sourcing for the perfect fabric/textiles is major leg work, yet a fanciful feast for the eyes. Finding the right materials, textures and colors is a wonderful hunt.
Layouts and edits are essential to the process and having a project "On purpose". Typically goes unseen or appreciated, but to us it is all about the magic of process.
This is a part of why we love what we do.My favorite professor once said, "Design ends when you run out of time or money".
Ain't that a fact.
Let's not forget, hiring an interior designer is definitely a luxury service.
Some how it has become quite diluted in this day and age.
Don't let TV or DIY cheapen the expertise, craft, magic and art of this profession!
It takes a lot of experience, work, time, care and effort to usher a successful project through from concept to completion.
There is major value in that alone -- getting what you want.
Ron and me in a finished room.


honeymoon said...
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Honeymoon Islands said...

Your work is simply amazing. It's a special talent you have, I admire your ability to bring your intuition along with your vision to life. Job Well Done!