Saturday, March 27, 2010

West Weekin' til the wheels fall off!

Westweek is somewhat of the only thing the interior design community has that is close to what fashion week is to the fashion industry. This year had a kind of lightness in the air and we had a BLAST! Here are the dapper gents designer Felix Pfeifle, David Serrano from the tony storefront "Outside Downtown" with Ron and me.
Me, Delta Wright of Curated and Felix
Ron, the bespoke Thomas Lavin, and me
The good ol' boys of the night, pink satin Phyllis Morris chairs abound, featuring the one and only Mayer Rus, Oliver Furth, Peter Gurski, and Ron. Can't get much better than these gents.
Our hostess Jamie Adler
Patrick Ediger, me, Oliver Furth, umm...., Ron and Peter Gurski
Bobby was our neighbor on La Cienega, don't let him fool you, he is one heck of a businessman. We had a laugh over a few Westweek's ago at the PDC and he kept introducting Holly Hunt to everyone as his friend "Helen Hunt". She was not amused.
Beautiful Artwork exhibition, from the 1960's, by Margaret Keane
It is boystown afterall
Tinsel Town awaits you all to come visit Westweek next year!!!