Friday, January 13, 2012

Design Outings

With so much talent in one room, a good time was had by all at the
chic restaurant, Sur in West Hollywood.
Triple design threat Ron Woodson, Jamie Drake, Raymond Goins
Top designers Oliver M. Furth & Kristi Bender Glam gals Jaime Rummerfield & Wendy SchwartzStyle stars Michelle Nussbaumer, Mary McDonald, Pam Jaccarino, Jiun Ho
$1,000,000 in clothes right here
Ron Woodson, Jamie Drake, Phillip Gorrivan, Raymond Goins

The Making Of A Cover

Yes! We are the National Winter issue cover of Luxe Interiors + Design magazine.
We wanted to share a bit of our process and what we think makes a room cover ready. In this case, we had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Maison de Luxe showcase house at Greystone. The mother of all showcases houses. Our room was the prestigious "Mrs. Doheny's bedroom".
First off ~ a great big thanks to our vendors and collaborators that helped make the room shine.
HabiteLA provided the most exquisite antiques that drove a big part of the look and feel. Once we decided on the general concept, we developed the color palette and hit the drawing board.

Studying the floor plan the layout of the room is created along with sketching and design development with inspiration images. Some can been seen on my Pinterest board and the below material board.
We are so grateful to Pearson for providing such sumptuous fabrics and furnishing for this stunning room. Our color theory is based on one side of the color spectrum. The pink side.
From soft blush to deep rose and berry tones. Like all shades of lip rouge. The room was design for a Hollywood starlet of a romantic bygone era.
One of my the initial sketches based on actual furniture selections and drapery design.
The final paint selection - Thank you Dunn Edwards!
And Big thanks goes out to our Extraordinary Design assistant Ryan Saghian for all your, well, assistance. And great style.
Ron reviewing the final touches before the transformation.
And viola! A pink splendor.
The breath-taking lucite "Cosmopolitan" bed and end tables by Phyllis Morris.
Thank you Jamie Adler for your collaboration.Sultry linens by Montague and Capulet.
Bedding and pillows provided by Lisa Holchen of Vivre Luxe.
Our signature style is to incorporate many unexpected elements, like vintage details, fresh squeezed color palette and portrait artwork.
As well as over the top details like these fabulous fringed trimmed window treatments and tasseled lambrequins.
We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. What a gorgeous cover! Here's a W&R tip: Think about how your space will look photographed. Ask yourself is this a photogenic room? It may change the way you approach a project.

Thank you Luxe Interior + Design magazine!