Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bunny Blue!

Designer Matriarch Bunny Williams created a delightful space for the Kips Bay Showcase House. What a Breath of fresh air! Bunny goes down as a legend in our Style File. She has mastered the elements of a tastefully decorated room. Thank you Bunny for being such a classic and bright inspiration!

BUNNY WILLIAMS interview with Douglas Brenner featured in House Beautiful Magazine:
"I just wanted to be happy — and color makes you happy. Turquoise is intense and exciting. But you have to balance strong colors with neutrals. I always stand in a room and think about the balance — you've got to get your proportions right. I say, "Okay, where's the furniture going to go?" I had the fireplace and the big strong botanicals, so I wanted the other end to have the big strong bookcase. But I didn't want it obviously balanced. I broke the symmetry so it doesn't get boring. You have to throw it off a bit."

And you scaled the pattern to hold its own.
I learned all about scale in my 22 years working with Albert Hadley. In a high-ceilinged room, it's exciting to feel the height. You also want intimacy, but if you keep everything low, you throw the excitement away. That's why I used those big, tall planters on the table and the pedestals with the urns in the windows — it makes you notice the height of the window. And the folding screen takes your eye upward. But I tilted the mirror over the mantel downward to reflect the room and the people — not the ceiling.

Why did you paint the ceiling gray?
White ceilings are boring. This one is not just gray, but shiny, which gives it a lift. It makes it ethereal, airy, almost skylike.

Just dreamy.


Blushing hostess said...

Yes, this is magnificent. If only I had been home this year to see both the house and the Open!

Anne Marie said...

clapping for this color!

amen to the blue walls!