Monday, March 16, 2009

W&R In the News: Traditional Home Magazine

Woodson & Rummerfield’s named to Traditional Home magazine’s Top 20 Young Designers. W&R is coined as the duo with designs drenched in Glamour! Click on the image to see a bigger view - we are on the bottom middle.

Thanks Traditional Home :)


Meade Design Group said...

Congratulations! what I am saying... CONGRATULATIONS! well deserve. I got the magazine last Sunday and I was really happy to see you there.


Bonnie said...

Congratulations on making Traditional Home's 20 Young Designers list! Your designs are so spectacular and stunning I think they should put your names at the very top! Your work is a glamourous dream come true! Oh and I love the music on your blog! It goes perfectly with your decor! Magnificent!

niartist said...

Congratulations! I read the issue, and have followed your blog. Wonderful job.