Monday, January 12, 2009

Design Glut's Goods

At Woodson & Rummerfield's, it is our job to keep the design enthusiasts aware of the latest and greatest, hot designer goods out there. One of our favorite team of product designers is "Design Glut", out of Brooklyn.

Design Glut, a pair of two hipster gals Kegan and Liz, really get future forward product design. We met them at ICFF 2008 and their star is rising!

We get a kick out of their witty approach to contemporary hot topics such as the smoking gun cigarette holder:

"For the die-hard smoker, this accessory will underscore just how bad-ass you are. For those who would like to quit, perhaps this metaphor will help suppress your cravings."

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That cigarette holder is hilarious - Love it! Fun girls!